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Jolly Phonics POSTED ON AUGUST 27, 2012   Adella completed her first year of pre-school last spring (which she loved), and will attend the same school for another year before entering kindergarten. We understand that the first year of pre-school is geared more towards social d evelopment and getting comfortable being in a classroom, away from Mimi ;o). However, Adella showed a lot of interest in reading and writing, especially during the last month of school (figures). We didn’t push her to […]

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Article about Jolly Phonics in “For Kids Entertainment”

      For longtime Breezy Mama readers, you may remember Katie helping us get our bodies back into shape post-baby. Today, since her kids are getting older (and staying in school longer days), Katie is doing less training and more of her “real” job of teaching. (Katie has a Multiple Subjects Credential and a Masters in Education.) She says that the Jolly Phonics program is “. . . the best I’ve seen in my 10 years of teaching in 3 different countries.” […]

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